Unable to run Disk Defragmentation!

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Jul 7, 2007
  1. Don't really know how to call it in english I think it is systemdefragmentation or diskdefragmentation but anyway,

    My computer runs really slowly and most of the time it freezes almost to a hault and then takes a while to run again. I used to be able to run MSN messenger and Firefox at the same time but now it's just too slow to do that.

    I read some threads that told me to use the defragmentate program.

    But when I hit the button 'defragmentate' it first begins analysing and then gives the error that the file DRWTSN32.LOG has an error in it and then cancels the whole proces.

    Would like to recieve help fast ^^
    Thanks in advance,
  2. Ravii

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    Nobody has an awnser to this?
  3. CCT

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    'the file DRWTSN32.LOG' message is probably telling yopu that when trying to run Defrag you are getting a failure and DrWatson wants to or has made an error log.

    You need about 10% of your disk free to defrag - got that much room?

    Empty all your temp files and IE cache etc:

    You may also have bad stuff on your comp - run your AV, etc.

    If short of disk space, copy stuff to a cd, make SURE it copied, then free up that disk space.
  4. pdyckman@comcas

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    There is a free disk defrag program available online called "Auslogics Disc Defrag". You might try downloading it. Maybe that would go ahead with the defrag. You can also use the "start" menu, then click on "run". Type sfc/scannow and let it run it's course. This will check all files and fix file errors.
  5. Ravii

    Ravii TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have removed all the virusses and spyware from this computer, and emptied the temp files. also I have 5GB HDD space free out of 19GB..

    I'll try the one that with the start -> run thingey.
    EDIT: it gives the error "could not find file sfc/scannow" =s
  6. CCT

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    That's sfc /scannow (note the spacing)

  7. Tedster

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    from the sounds of it, your registry is corrupt. Probably from damage caused by your previous viri and spyware. run CCleaner registry repair. Then try to run your defragmenter. Also read the how to speed up windows guide in the guides forum. Windows defragmenter is not very good. You are better off buying a copy of diskeeper.
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