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Unable to run, install, or un-install VB6 Pro

By kingofthearctic
Mar 16, 2005
  1. Hey, all!

    I'm having a problem with a HP desktop that uses Windows XP Pro. I decided to un-install some software that I wasn't using. In the process, some DLLs used by VB6 Pro were apparently deleted. VB6 wouldn't run, saying that DAO350.DLL couldn't be found. On another forum someone had a similar problem and the solution suggested there was to download and install MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components). I tried that, and now VB6 displays the message "unexpected error;quitting" when I try to run it. There's a Microsoft Knowledge Base article discussing this type of error. In it, Microsoft suggests two possible fixes but neither of them solve the problem on my machine.

    VB6 Pro does not show up on the list of programs I can "add/remove". Otherwise, I'd just un-install it and start over with a fresh install. Desperate, I tried to install VB6 from its CD to see what would happen. The "setup" bombs with an ambiguous error message and fires off an error report to Microsoft. There is no accompanying explanation of a possible cause for the error.

    So, at the moment, I'm stuck. I can't run VB6, can't install it and can't un-install it. For the most part, the rest of my system is running fine. At around the same time I began to have problems with VB6, I was unable to run Excel ("can't start a program that's not installed"), but installing a new copy of Excel from its CD solved that problem. I've tried all my System Restore points and none of them seems to make any difference.

    Because the machine is otherwise running okay, I've been able to make backups of my important data files. I'm perfectly willing to re-format my hard disk and start over from scratch. Windows XP Pro was pre-installed on this computer when I purchased it; there is no installation CD. However, because the original hard-drive crashed last year while under warranty, HP has sent me a set of Windows XP System Recovery CDs (a 10-CD set) that I used after installing the replacement hard-drive. I assume I'll be able to use this set yet again to resolve this problem.

    If no one knows of a less-bothersome way to get my VB6 up and running, could someone please walk me through the procedure for using my System Recovery CDs? Do I need to re-format my hard-drive first? I seem to recall that System Recovery does that for me, but I could be mistaken.

    Also, the first blue "splash-screen" lists the F-10 key as "System Recovery". I've tried holding it down while the system fires up, but all it appears to do is generate beeps from the tower.

    At this point, I'm stumped. BTW, if it's not clear from my post, I'm essentially a neophyte regarding PCs. I've read a few of the threads here and most of the problems discussed here are way beyond my comprehension.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. :)
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