Unable to Start Safe Mode

Sep 2, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I am having problem starting Wondows XP in safe mode.
    Every time when I restart the computer and press F8 (I
    have tried tapping it and just holding it down) a menu
    pops up giving me the options of Floppy, HDD, and CD
    ROM. I recently installed Cox Cable Security Suite and
    was taking about 99 CPU which was slowing down my
    computer - pretty much I was unable to do anything on
    it. After uninstalling it, the computer is much
    faster. However, I installed Ad-Aware Lavasoft and
    during a scan my computer shuts down. Also, my
    computer shuts down if I try to open a file -for
    example, a document or a picture. What do you think is
    the problem? I have read in blogs that SP2 can also
    prevent you to start in safe mode.

    I appreciate your help!
    Thank you!

    S K Duncan
  2. Willpeg

    Willpeg TS Rookie

    XP Wont Start in Safe Mode

    Hi I hope this helps

    Two things really.

    1) Wait a little longer before you press F8.
    2) Try pressing F5 during the boot.

    I have a home built computer and if I press F8 to early I get the 'select device to boot from'. Then I read somewhere about F5 not sure where but that works for me as well.


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