Unable to start Windows XP Home Edition in safe mode

By M_Kumar
Nov 15, 2004
  1. I am having trouble starting Windows XP home edition in safe mode in order to run antivirus software to remove a downloader worm. When I hit F8 and enter SafeMode option, the system loads upto a blue scren with this message:
    STOP : c0000021a{Fatal System Error}
    The sesion manager Initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0X C0000034 (0X00000000 0X00000000)
    The system has been shut down.

    If I try to start in Safe Mode with network support it loads drivers upto
    and stops.
    If I try to boot from CD_ROM it says unable to load MSvcaPI.dll and restarts in normal mode fromC drive.
    Any syggestions?
    I am trying to clear Downloader.fizzer worm.
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  2. Tarkus

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    This occurs when Windows switches into kernel mode and a user-mode subsystem, such as Winlogon or the Client Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS), is compromised and security can no longer be guaranteed. Because Win XP can’t run without Winlogon or CSRSS, this is one of the few situations where the failure of a user-mode service can cause the system to stop responding. This Stop message also can occur when the computer is restarted after a system administrator has modified permissions so that the SYSTEM account no longer has adequate permissions to access system files and folders.

    ...well, I hate to tell you this, but it looks like it's time to do a format and clean install. That's what I'd do at this point.
  3. DBANotTech

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    Same issue with fresh install

    Hi I have this same error except this is occuring on a fresh install. If I take the hard drive out and put it in ma other laptop its sweet as. Is this a IDE controller / motherboard issue or bios issues? Im beginging tothink toshiba laptops are nothing but Ocean frisbies. Regards, Paul.
  4. gmartins

    gmartins TS Rookie

    similar issue

    i'm kind of new in this type of erros, so here it goes :

    I can't log on to windows. When i try to enter my desktop my screen turns black and in the right top corner appears something like "PROTECTED BY KASPERSKY LAB" and pops up a box with my username and a password- the problem is that i dont recall adding a password anywhere in my system.
    Ok to try and fix this problem, when the computer was restarting i tried and press f8 to enter in safe mode and nothing occured. I have no ideia what to do. Please help me
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