Uninstall Problem driving me crazy

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Nov 23, 2007
  1. Ok,I Installed Oblivion On My Comp Sometime Ago,Found Out It Wouldn't Work On My System (Yeah.shoulda Checked That First obviously >< Shame On Me)So I Got Frustrated And Gave The Game Away And Didn't Really Bother To Uninstall It (So Retarded) So Now I Go Back Today And Remember I Haven't Gotten Rid Of It...Now Obviously I Cant Uninstall It.It keeps Coming Up With An Error Message That Refers To Not Being Able To Find This File.

    Any Way To Get Rid Of This File Or Shall I kick Myself In The *** Now And Get It Over With?
    Any Help With This Would Be Apperciated. ^^
  2. have you tried the manual method of uninstalling stuff?

    the way to uninstall stuff manually is to do a registry edit. go into the registry and delete every folder pertaining to oblivion. then go into your program files and delete all of those folders related to oblivion. and boom. uninstalled.

    you just have to be careful not to delete the wrong thing. that's why there's an uninstall option to get rid of stuff FOR you so you don't have to go mucking around in your registry.

    do you know how to do a registry edit? or shall i elaborate?
  3. zombella

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    Elaborate Please ^^
  4. Blind Dragon

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    start -> Run -> regedit

    I wouldn't mess around in there without knowing exactly what you are deleting.
  5. yeah i've already made that abundantly clear. and it's more than that.

    as blind said, start > run > regedit

    and then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    click the down arrow for "Software"
    and then look for and delete the oblivion folders

    google a folder if you don't know what it is or does. there is usually a link somewhere where it will explain what the file is or does. so that might help you be doubly sure.

    and then, go to My Computer, Local C: disk, Program Files, and delete the oblivion folders. and then it should be taken care of.

    can't stress it enough though.

    delete the wrong registry item, and you could be left with a very seriously crippled machine, and you'll have to reformat. which, correct me if i'm wrong, you wanted to avoid. research, research, research!
  6. BlameCanada

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    As as has mostly been said just delete the visible folders and files in Explorer,

    then run a registry cleaner like RegScrubXP.

    That will remove a lot of it.A few left over reg keys won`t hurt,anyway
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