Unique(?) dual boot problem Vista & Vista

By confused23
Sep 10, 2007
  1. Ok, I know this was probably a stupid thing to do, but....

    I bought a computer with vista installed (premium) and since I wanted to see what vista ultimate was like, i installed it on a separate drive. The premium is 32-bit and ultimate is 64-bit. My question is: how do I get rid of the 64-bit without having to use system restore, or mess with the original?

    I was also thinking about installing XP Pro as a dual boot, but i don't know if it will slow down my system too much (I don't have too much memeory).

  2. confused23

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    Shamless bumping...
  3. Cybersciver

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    If you've got a restore point in the right place why not try it?

    Otherwise, disconnect the Win64 HDD and see if Win32 will boot. If it does you'll need a utility like Free Disk Wipe 2.6.3. Set the bios to boot from CDROM, load the wipe utility then shut down and reconnect your Ult 64 disk. Boot from CD and the utility will identify your hard drives and ask which one to wipe. Be careful because the process is irreversible. If in doubt disconnect your Win 32 disk first.
    If Win 32 doesn't boot the master boot file is on the Win64 disk and that's a problem I'll leave to the experts.
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