Unknown Driver error report

By LethalResistant
Aug 28, 2006
  1. i built a new computer for gaming last week and what get on my nerves is that i get crashes and reboots during gameplay now and then. And wherenver after the reboot, i get this error report that some kind of unknown driver is causing the trouble, and microsoft has no solution...

    after this, i have my video card (nvidia 7900 gtx) replaced with a new one. But the crashes and reboots continue. This is really pissing me off. I spent loads of money on this rig and now it runs worse than my old comp.
  2. hnsexeter

    hnsexeter TS Rookie Posts: 43

    I have the same problem with non page fault BSOD on a factory built Compaq thats 1 year old.

    I've replaced RAM, HD, ATI Graphics, updated BIOS, made sure all latest drivers, cleaned the insides , checked the cabling to no avail. I used the debugging tools from the website to translate the minidumps and all I get is driver failed or hardware fault. About as useful as ****

    The only thing left to do is replace the mobo and / or processor

    You would think microsoft would make it easier for us to ascertain the source of problems, so we can sort these things out - its so frustrating, time consuming and by the time you've spent out on replacement parts you night have well bought a new barebones!
  3. LethalResistant

    LethalResistant TS Rookie Topic Starter

    em, here is my minidumps file, can you guys check this out and see what the problem really is
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