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Mar 9, 2004
  1. I have a non-bootable board, red in color, with a sopldered-in Athlon (1.2?) CPU. No ID numbers of any kind. CPU fan mounts to two screw-in sockets next to the CPU. Fan name is Pro1200+. Heat sink on chipset, which I believe to be Via. One AMR modem slot, one AGP slot, two PCI slots. AMI BIOS chip. Built-in sound, graphics, LAN. Red IDE1 socket. Two 168-pin RAM slots. Chip next to BIOS labeled "iTE". Four pins next to case connections block - first two labeled "LINK", second two "100-A". Only jumper on the board is JP4, which is the normal/clear CMOS jumper (and yes, I've already tried that).

    Any idea what this is? I'd like to find a manual and/or support page.

    Fan turns on, but no case lights. I believe the drives show their lights/spool up.
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    The only manufacturor that I've seen do such "bundles" is ECS but their boards are generally purple or black, I haven't seen them use a red PCb as of yet. There might be some other companies doing the same thing though.

    Is there any kind of board serial number somewhere ? look in between in the PCI slots, that's where they're generally located.

    Here's a thread you might to read -> Beware of Duron PR Ratings fiasco

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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    Soldered-in CPU - very nice...gotta love that stroke of engineering brilliance...
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    lol Lowman
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    Okay, the board is reddish-purple. There are two numbers on top of the parallel port socket: EA=000795378D7E and J02AF23704256. The latter has a bar code, so I think it's the serial number.
  6. Didou

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  7. BNJ

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    "How To Identify A Motherboard" was not useful, due to the lack of info printed on the board, and because it won't boot. However, I HAVE identified it! I remembered that PCChips uses red motherboards. I went to the Web site, and had to look at every Athlon/Duron motherboard there, and found a matching picture. It's a PCChips M810CLR v 7.1c. And whaddaya know! The SOLE printed info on the board is "7.1c".

    Of course, being a PCChips model, I might as well give up on it ever working. Of all the boards I've ever used, only THAT brand has ever failed. Three of them, in fact, including the current one.

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I guess this one can be removed.
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