Unknown PC problem!

By Robin997
Dec 11, 2007
  1. hello,

    My friend has a problem with his pc, it is a 1 year old meadion. The problem is when his pc is booted up, the case light comes on then there is a beep and all of a sudden the pc switches itself off. I have not acctualy had time to check out the problem, but he said last week the pc had a similar type of problem. The pc is generally left on all day and the hard drive was making noticably loud creaking noises which it did not do when it was new. My guess is that it could be either the motherboard, cpu or even hard drive.

    any suggestions anyone?
  2. when any part of the system is making strange noises, then it's probably having a serious malfunction. i'd examine the hard drive. shake it. if you hear noises, that means the disk in it went kaboom. if you don't hear anything, i'd suggest taking the hard drive out and plugging it into a working computer to see if that is causing the problem.

    also, i would suggest searching the forums for a guide to system beeps. i know it's on here somewhere, and i'd link you if i knew where. but obviously, i don't remember. but it's worth reading. it will tell you what kind of beep, and how many beeps mean what. that may assist in further diagnosis.
  3. kenbman

    kenbman TS Rookie


    power supply or motherboard. Start with removing everything not needed to bootup. Disconnect all unnecessary thing at bootup. HDD,CD rom,Floppy.
    Tryit. If it work one of these r bad. If it don't work start removing cards. Modem
    network,any expansion cards not needed at boot. Remember to unplug power when doing things.Try again.
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