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unknown virus shoots pop ups wanting me to fix reg

By alidabiri
Nov 4, 2005
  1. hi,
    i have learned a lot by reading the above problems and solutions. i'm gonna keep my admin account safe and sound and use a guest account from now on. now i see how hackers get to our pc's - by recognizing your admin account and using it to do harm.
    i have installed win-xp-prof recently. after installation (a couple weeks later) and after having used admin account for 2 weeks, i keep getting these pop ups and the final pop-up informs me that my system will shut down in 30 seconds, and it forces a shut down. here are the pop ups with an "ok" and "x" button for close. the pop ups ask me to go to the following sites and fix my registry. it says windows has found severe problems with my computer. here are the sites they want me to visit. how do i get rid of these? i guess they want me to press "ok" button, and that way they get to do their dirty work. here are the sites:
    i googled all of these sites. google didn't find anything on these. i also found out that the pop ups come from an application called "messenger". i deleted all references to "messenger" in regedit. there were a total of 285. i had to delete all. it seemed to have reduced the popups. and hasn't forced any shut downs. but i still keep getting these bogus popups. i don't how to get rid of these awful things. anyone knows anhthing about this? please let me know.
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