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Unmountable Boot Volume Error

By Bobert16
Apr 3, 2006
  1. I'm a new user, and I came here because I have a severe problem with my Dell Dimension 4700 (first problem ever).

    I'm not that computer savvy, so this problem is extremely difficult for me.

    I updated Zonealarm last night and when it restarted my computer, I got the message that Windows did not start successfully, and it may be a hardware or software change that cause this problem to occur.

    It then lists options to start Windows, Safe Mode, SM w/Networking, SM w/ Command Prompt, Last known good Configuration, and Start windows normally; all of which lead to the same Unmountable Boot Volume error page, and I cannot get into Windows at all.

    I tried using the Recovery Console to fix this problem and then got a different error page, about a Page Fault In Nonpaged Area, and it says that the problem seems to be caused by ntfs.sys

    Reformatting the Hard drive(if it leads to that) will not be a huge issue for me, because I don't have that many programs that are hard to restore.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    well first off it might be a hard drive issue..reboot the system and when you see the dell logo come up where u would normally press F2 to enter the bios setup hit the F12 key and that will take you to the boot screen from there you want to arrow down and find where it says boot to utility partition if there is one.. remember when you reinstall do not delete the dell diags partition it should be like 35 mb and be fat32.. they are kinda hard to get back on the drive.. anyway do that and run the express test on the system.. also keep in mind that when it comes time to test the optical drive ( cd or dvd rom ) it may error out cause there is no disk in the drive or the disk that is in the drive is not compatible with the testing process needs to be a music cd or the drivers and utility cd..good luck mate and let us know...oh yeah did you get a warranty with that dell and if so what kind
  3. Bobert16

    Bobert16 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I had done the express test last night and it found nothing, and I just ran the Symptom Tree test for not booting the OS, and it found nothing wrong with anything. These tests all passed:
    L1 Data Cache Pattern Test
    L1 Data Cache Walking Bit Test
    L2 Cache Pattern Test
    L2 Cache Walking Bit Test
    L2 Cache MATS Test
    Realtime Clock Functionality Test
    Realtime Clock CMOS Confidence Test
    System TimerTimer Functionality Test
    PIC Functionality Test
    L2 Cache(multiprocessor)Dirty Cache Reads Test
    L2 Cache(multiprocessor)Alternating CPU Writes Test
    L2 Cache(multiprocessor)Random Access Thrash Test
    System Memory Data Bus Stress
    System Memory MATS
    System Memory March A Test
    System Memory WCMch Test
    System Memory WCMATS Test
    System Memory March B Test
    System Memory March C Test
    System Memory March X Test
    System Memory March Y Test
    System Memory Data Line Test
    SATA Disk S/N = WD-WMAM95459520 Confidence Test
    SATA Disk S/N = WD-WMAM95459520 Device Self Test passed
    SATA Disk S/N = WD-WMAM95459520 Read Test

    All other tests passed, and the diagnostics didn't say anything was wrong with the drive.

    And wouldn't ya know that when it's time to find the warranty, it's nowhere to be found, and I can't remember if we ordered a warranty with the computer.
  4. Bobert16

    Bobert16 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed the problem by formatting my hard drive : \ oh well, thanks anyways optimus
    Called up Dell and they sent the Windows XP disk with all the good old Dell files on it which are quite useful
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