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Oct 13, 2007
  1. Hi, just joined the forums about...well...2 seconds ago. For the past couple of hours I've been trying to resolve this problem on my computer. All I know about my computer is that I have a Dell Inspiron 700m (notebook). I've had it for about 3 years and apparently my warranty just ran out a few days ago (I called Dell Tech Support to get the problem fixed and since my warranty ran out I would have to pay $40 and I don't want to have to pay unless I absolutely have to). The farthest I've got in fixing the problem is accessing the Windows XP Recovery CD (purple disc that says Operating System at the top) and clicked R to repair but it said that I had no hard drive disks installed. So...someone help...please.
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    wagnerdelia TS Rookie

    Try this, it worked for me :)

    "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer" Error Message When Installing Microsoft® Windows® XP on a Dell™ Dimension 8400 Computer
    Journal ID: 07286V94J9
    Article ID: 274506
    Date Published: 7/27/2007
    Last Revised: 10/2/2007

    Table of Contents
    Configure the "SATA Operation" Setting in the Computer BIOS

    Dell Solution Network: Knowledge Base Article

    » Description

    The following error message may appear when installing Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 8400 computer:

    Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Setup cannot continue. To quit, press F3
    This issue may occur if the following conditions are true:

    The computer has a Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drive.
    The SATA hard disk drive is not configured as a member of a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) array.
    A RAID array is generally used as a fault-tolerant hard disk drive configuration. For example, two hard disk drives may be configured as a mirror set. This kind of RAID array is known as RAID 1. In this kind of RAID array, information on one hard disk drive is duplicated on the second hard disk drive.

    The SATA Operation option in the computer Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is set to RAID Auto/AHCI instead of RAID Auto/ATA.
    This issue does not indicate a hardware problem. This is a configuration issue. By default, a Dell Dimension 8400 computer is configured to start (boot) from the RAID array. To start the computer from a SATA hard disk drive that is not a member of a RAID array, the BIOS settings must be modified.

    To resolve this issue, modify the computer BIOS to set the SATA Operation option to RAID Auto/ATA.

    This article contains step-by-step instructions to perform this action.

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    » Configure the "SATA Operation" Setting in the Computer BIOS

    By default, the SATA Operation setting in the computer BIOS is set to RAID Autodetect/AHCI. To change this setting to RAID Autodetect/ATA, follow these steps:

    Start the computer. When the F2 = Setup message appears in the upper-right corner of the screen, press the <F2> key to enter the computer Setup program.

    Some computer keyboards use the function keys for other options. In this scenario, the functionality of the <F2> key may be disabled. To enable the functionality of the <F2> key, the Function Lock key must be pressed. This key may also be labeled F Lock. In this scenario, press the <F Lock> key to enable the function keys, and then press the <F2> key to enter the computer Setup program.

    In the Setup screen, press the down arrow key to select Drives, and then press the <Enter> key to expand the Drives node.

    Press the down arrow key to select SATA Operation, and then press the <Enter> key to select this option.

    Press the right arrow key to select RAID Auto/ATA, and then press the <Enter> key.

    Press the <Esc> key to exit the Setup program.

    Press the right arrow key to select Exit, and then press the <Enter> key. The computer restarts.

    then, if you need to update your raid drivers, do this


    Good Luck!!
  3. Love/Hate

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    When I press F2 I don't see drives anywhere. It brings up a screen that looks like this:

    Dell Inc. PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility BIOS Version: A06

    Information Main Advanced Security Boot Exit

    And then stuff under each tab. But I don't see drives anywhere.
  4. wagnerdelia

    wagnerdelia TS Rookie

    not sure what your screen looks like but if you have and option to scroll down to drives, hit enter and it should open and display your drive ports, if it's the only drive, you'll probably have it plugged into sata 0, make sure its ON and the others off.
  5. wagnerdelia

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    I also updated my bios, not sure if it helped or not, but it wouldn't hurt. go to dell's website and download the proper bios for your computer and install it by creating a bootable floppy and copying the bios setup file onto it. when you boot, click dir and you should see the file as an .exe file. type in the name of the file.exe and it should run. it will ask to confirm update and type y.
  6. Love/Hate

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    This is close to what my screen looks like:

    I don't have a way of getting pictures from a camera onto my computer at the moment so describing what it looks like is the best I can do for now.
  7. Love/Hate

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  8. wagnerdelia

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  9. wagnerdelia

    wagnerdelia TS Rookie

    So if you open drives, under boot, does your hd show up?? I'm sorry, I'm Anti-AOL. I do have ICQ tho
  10. Love/Hate

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    On my computer it doesn't have that under boot, it has some other stuff. And I have an Inspiron 700m not a Dimension 8400. And also, I have no access to my laptop. I'm using a different computer.
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    Don't know where I got dimension from, sorry bout that. keep trying on dell's website, look for any urgent updates for your laptop. I have to go for now but I'll be back if I think of anything else, good luck!!
  12. Love/Hate

    Love/Hate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay well, after calling Dell and paying $40 my computer is fixed but thanks for the help.
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