Unreal Tournament Tweaks?

By Universal
Oct 25, 2003
  1. If you know any tips/tricks to overclock unreal tournament ? like the ram usage on ut by going to console/preferences/setting usage ram for 256 i dont think it helps any bit. i would love ALL the tweaks you guys to know to make my guns fire up quick. my favorite guns r snipe/shock[doing combos & ig] / rox thats it. i would love a bigtime boost on those guns.
  2. Whack0

    Whack0 TS Rookie Posts: 166


    unreal tournament? the original one? overclock?

    if you want the game to be faster.... you can increase the game speed....

    or are you talking about not getting enough frames per second?
  3. Universal

    Universal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i would like both, overclock it so the game can be faster. how can i do that? and more frames per sec. would that mean high fps? but i want all the tweaking/overclocking hints that there is about the game and all the tips there is to tweak the user.ini and ut.ini.
  4. Supra

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