Unrecognizable drive for windows installation.

By elmd0r
Jun 28, 2005
  1. I recently had a virus(not sure which) destroy my computer. It wouldn't boot, until I used a bootdisk to go into DOS and repair the sector. Afterwards, it worked fine for two more restarts, but then it wouldn't boot, and I couldn't repair it. There were no files on it anymore. I reinstalled Windows XP Home, and it worked fine. After using it for the night, I shut it off. The next morning, my mom used it and said it had been running fine. I tried to use it later that day, but it wouldn't allow me to install anything, go online, or see any of the devices already installed. Even in C: properties it didn't show the main drive.
    Shortly afterwards, it wouldn't boot up again. I decided to try reinstalling and formatting the drive. I get the error "No recognizable hard drive". Is there any way to resolve this, or should I just get rid of my computer?
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