Unremovable Windows XP Lock (Switch User)

By ayumilove · 4 replies
Dec 15, 2005
  1. hi,

    i have a problem, check this link:-

    The link shows mulitple ways of locking the computer
    And mine is the 1st one:-

    via the keyboard
    The easiest way to lock Windows XP is by simply pressing the Windows logo key and the letter L (for Lock) on a Microsoft Natural Keyboard or any other compatible keyboard that includes the Window key. Doing so will pop up the Unlock Computer Password box.

    When i switch user, the above statement pops up, and when i put in my
    password, the system says, do you want to permanently log off?
    If I say yes, all my programs are shutdown, similar to Log Off
    If I say no, i will return back to my desktop

    My aim is to switch user without having that lock obstacle in my way, and
    have it not to close any of my running programs when i switch user.

    Please help me, suggest multiple ways on removing that lock.
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    me again

    well here is another link i found useful about accounts and locks....

    i think the problem is with the limitations of the secondary user accounts i.e. no administrative privileges.. as an administrator you should be able to set parameters , for other user accounts ...

    if i find something else useful i´ll post

    PS: control panel ... "user accounts"

    PS2: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;294317 try this as well..
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    The first thing that comes to mind when talking about switching users is the "Fast User Switching" feature, which lets you switch users without having to fully log off. It is not "locking", just switching users.

    Go into Control Panel-User Accounts (classic view). Then the link "Change the way users log on or off". You have to select both check boxes in this screen. This will enable the Welcome screen and enable fast user switching.
    If you get a message about offline files, click OK and then uncheck the top box to turn off offline files. Then check the boxes.

    Now you should be able to Click on Start-Log Off and choose "Switch Users".
    If both users have passwords, you will still have to type those in when switching back and forth.
    If one user chooses to shut down, and the other user is still logged in, it will close their programs and shut down. So be sure to "fully" log off if you won't be using it for a while.

    Hope that is what you were after :)
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