By AnaTom
Oct 31, 2009
  1. Hi, Im AnaTom

    Im an avid user of the computer, and over the years, have found myself spending time doing lots of repairs and adjustmenst to the good old PC, than I have ever used it/them.

    Im not a techy, and wished I had the specilised knowledge capability. Insted, over theyeras I have relied on what the Inet could provide. However, over time I have found the Net to be more and more sanitised, and coporatised, leaving less and less free stuff to grab.

    Anyway, at the moment I am driver focused, and need help on a couple of matters. Also, I put a post here yesterday, and it isnt hre to day, so I dont know what happened there.

    I am expressly interested in the abilities of the computer, and what can be gained from that capability.
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