Unstable system when 2 Ram modules used

By emsee
Feb 15, 2005
  1. ok so i bought a new pc processor: AMD3500+ sucket939 mobo: GA-K8N-9 Ram: kingston 512x2 harddrive: WESTERN DIGITAL 120GB SATA . the problem is when im traing 2 run the pc with 1024ram its restarting itsself after a while or gives me a blue screen. but if i run it with 512ram it works perfect (both of them). i reinstalled windows several times, updated the bios, i have windows xp sp2 and i dont know what is the problem. plzzz help me ani 1 im desperet!!

    can it be a prob with the mobo ??

    plz help plzzzz !!!
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