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Jan 21, 2008
  1. so a few days ago i made a post about all media on my laptop skipping, how it skipped and popped and i thought that it was a hardware issue, that my soundcard was bad or something.
    well the wireless internet had also beed acting up, it would drop the internet connection after about 10 minutes and it couldnt reconnect so i would just shut it down.
    well i plugged the laptop straight to the router with the ethernet cord and the audio suddenly stopped skipping and whatnot.
    so ive concluded that the media only skips when the wireless radio is turned on, but once i turn it off and either have no internet connection or just plug an ethernet cord into it, it works just fine.
    what would be causing that issue?
    to me it makes absolutely no sense, but maybe someone out there with more knowledge could help me out.
  2. Atwooooood

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  3. pdyckman@comcas

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    The only sense I can make out of your post is that your laptop has a bad wireless component. Because I know nothing about mobiles: and their internet components. You may want to submit this to the "mobile" forum where there are wireless people in the know. Good Luck.
  4. Atwooooood

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    yeah i wasnt exactly sure where to post it, so i went with here, but ill post it in the mobile forums.
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    You know I had (and have every now and then) the same problem with my laptop. Do you have dell by any chance? I do (bummer)
    Q1: how old is your laptop?
    When I watch a movie, either from network, DVD or HDD, It tends to make skipping and popping sounds. My video glitches as well as does my audio.
    Q2: does your PC glitch audio and video as well?
    I have found out that my processor was overheating due to clogged heating due to because of accumulation. When I cleaned it out the CPU was cooled better and glitches stopped. Try it and write back...
  6. Atwooooood

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    its a Lenovo laptop.
    and weve had it not even a year. maybe 11 months now or so.

    and i tried to watch some videos to see if it was just the audio or if video glitched too and i couldnt really tell. i thought i could see it glitch a few times, but maybe i just thought that.

    but ive noticed that with my wireless radio enabled, both cores of my processor (i have the gadget for vista that monitors your cpu and ram) get really high, up to 99%.

    maybe its just a bad wireless card? i have no idea
  7. pioneerx01

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    hmmm, if that would be the case i would think that the PC would tell you that is some way. But than again it is Vista (lol, sorry bad joke).
    Q3: what process(es) utilizes the most of CPU?
    Q4: Did you try to update the drivers for your wireless card? If not try it.

    Side note: the gadgets on Vista also use some of the CPU, ram, ... And it can get very high usage based on what gadgets you are running, how many, and what are the refresh rates.
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