Updated From 98 To Xp - 98 Files Still There, But No 98 Os To Delete Them

By rmaffleck
Jan 17, 2004
  1. Sorry for the obnoxious caps, but I'm so frustrated.

    I came to my dad's house and updated his Windows 98 system to XP Home (legit version). Normally I'm fine with this. I went through fdisk and reformatted and all of that, and deleted the old operating system, and installed XP. I thought everything was fine and dandy until a few days later I realized that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE FILES from Windows 98 are still here. He has a 20 gig, and it's only showing four available. I can't go to the add/remove hardware utility, because all of the programs and such on 98 are not there. The only way to see them is to go into the Windows Explorer and check out the files in the system files. The whole system is still there, every program, everything. It'd be cool if they all worked, like carried over to XP, but they didn't. I can open them somehow, but XP can't access them in any way.

    I've talked to the techiest of my tech buddies, and they have no idea what to do. Since I deleted the 98 OS, there's no way to get in there and delete those files except for manually deleting them in Windows Explorer, which you all know is a dirty dirty thing and there will still be traces. I tried to go into Computer Management, but there was nothing I could do there. It showed there to be only one partition, and it's NTFS, and has only 4.1 gigs in it. BLEH

    Dad doesn't want me to reinstall XP, he's got all of his **** on here now and refuses to backup, and he doesn't want to have to reconfigure everything for his needs. But I have to get those files off. I can't install ANYTHING that was on 98 in any way, the installers will just freeze up or error out on me, because they're already there and it knows it, but XP can't access them.

    SO WHTF? :(

    Please help me. I've done everything I can as far as reseach, and nothing at all is bringing up any information about this ever happening. What did I do?

    GHJKAjsadhswi. :(
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    What exactly did you do when you installed Winxp? Sounds like you upgraded from 98 to XP (theres an upgrade option where you dont have to format bla bla bla and it keeps your files). Then maybe you got rid of the option to resort back to 98?

    You didnt do a full format or the files wouldnt still be there. By the sounds of it to me, your going to have to do what your dad refuses to do :( Backup what needs to be kept, do a FULL FORMAT, fresh, clean, and install WinXP from scratch. Put your CDRs in, copy your backup data back to your hard drive, and set all the settings to how your dad likes them.
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