Updated Video card driver OUTdated? :(

By gablez
Jun 20, 2007
  1. Ok I'm gunna start at how I remember it. I got a new computer (probably a month old really), and it came with the video card installed into the motherboard I guess. So I try to play Counter Strike:Source and it says my video card driver isn't updated enough to play it correctly, so whatever I ignored that for a couple weeks and I haven't played Counter Strike at all since I got that message. Then we found out I had a virus from LimeWire, so my Uncle and I did a system recovery to my computer. We did the recovery, he left, I installed Steam (program needed to play Counter Strike) and I downloaded my Counter Strike again, and with the SAME video card that was supposably OUTDATED before can now support Counter strike. So I played counter strike for about a week almost nonstop because I was so excited to have it back, and now yesterday when I tried to play counter strike again, it gave me the same message that it gave me before, saying that my video card driver is outdated, so I updated the driver using the link to the website it gave me (but i know that doesn't do anygood through the website since the vid card is intergrated into my Motherboard). So now I don't know where to go to update my driver. PLEASE HELP I NEED COUNTER STRIKE ....

    If there's any info that you want me to post just name it, I'm not a pro but I can find my way through computers and Directx stuff...
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