Upgrade for WoW

By Knack_
Jul 31, 2005
  1. Some1 plz help :( im new to this kina thing :D

    :D hihi
    my comp is pretty rubbish, it has:
    Intel Celeron processor
    256MB RAM
    IM845GL Motherboard (<- no idea what that means :p)
    Intel Extreme Graphics

    I was just wondering what i would have to do to get World of Warcraft to run descently, it runs ok in low pop areas atm with Intel Extreme Graphics, but still i cant play the full game cos i lagg to much in places where i dont want to lag, which is usually everywhere. I was thinking of buying a new Video Card, but ive had a look and most good ones say they wont run on anything less than a Intel Pentium 4.

    Can some1 plz recommend a video card where i can at least play world of warcraft better than i am already, i am on a budget tho :p Also would i have to buy a new motherboard to support a new viedo card, aswell as a socket or something? ;p i no i shud probs get a new processor aswell, but then i guess it wud be btr buying my own comp. Can some1 plz tell me the cheapest way of decreasing my lagg on World of Warcraft, as thats all i care about :D

    Thx for ur help ;)

    p.s links wud help aswell as price quotes, :D
  2. Knack_

    Knack_ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    :D i just looked in my motherboard mauel, and it states -

    Your motherboard offers the following features
    - Intel Pentium 4 processor in the mPGA 478 pin package
    - etc.

    does this mean my motherboard will support new graphics cards which have the pentium 4 requirements regardless of me having a celeron processor?
    can i just buy 'pentium 4' and a new video card and hope that it will work? :D
  3. Knack_

    Knack_ TS Rookie Topic Starter


    :( im guessing ppl no, but just cba to tell me *runs off crying*
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