Upgrade from ME to XP - one question.

By singer
Jun 17, 2005
  1. One question - can anyone help please? I am about to upgrade from ME to XP. At the moment my hard disc has 3 partitions (C, D, & E) and ME is on Drive C. I have an upgrade CD (and my ME CD!) and wish to do a clean install. I do not want to resize my existing partitions. I feel reasonably confident but I am stumped by one of the screens which appears during the installation. It has 3 questions:

    a)to set up Xp on the selected item press enter
    b)to create a partition in the unpartitioned space press C
    c)to delete the selected partition press D

    Which option should I choose please? I assume it is not b) but do I have to delete my C partition and then format (option c)? Or is it option a) or does this lead to XP being installed over ME on Drive C?

    Very grateful for any help please and any other useful tips especially if anyone knows of "an *****s guide to updating" anywhere on the net!
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    XD, I completely understand your feeling!

    If you want to have a clean install of XP instead of ME and does wish not to resize your existing partions, then set up XP on the selected item 'Press Enter' UNDER THE C:\!
    If your ME does not using NTFS format, then when XP Setup ask, Format into NTFS (Not Quick, PLEASE!) and let them work for you! :) If your ME DOES use NTFS, then format the C:\ (AGAIN, Not Quick, PLEASE!)

    Good Luck and welcome to Techspot, Singer!


    P.S. Second opinion, you can use ME to upgrade into XP from the Upgrade into XP from the windows.
  3. Charles Hammond

    Charles Hammond TS Rookie Posts: 59

    XP takes up quite a bit of space for the OS and also for programs you may install and also for swap space. I had set mine up in a 10 gig partition and started running low on space. So this is something to think about.
  4. singer

    singer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Upgrade ME to XP

    Thanks very much for the above replies. I will follow the advice given. I find it difficult to get my head round deleting a partition and then formatting it - how can you format when you have deleted it??!! That's computers! Good point about the size of the operating partition. At the moment about half of my 8Gb operating partition is in use so I might increase that. Just got to do the upgrade now!
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