Upgrade Question Regarding SLI (and Oblivion)

By mrchu ยท 12 replies
Mar 24, 2006
  1. The critical specs:

    AMD 4000
    2 Gig corsair XMS

    Basically would there be a significant performance jump in sticking a second 7800gtx in there? Or should I just wait and get a top end 7900....basically I'd like to be able to run oblivion at near full settings in 1680*1050

  2. kirock

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  3. spartanslayer

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    I would also buy another 7800GTX, no need to waste the money you have already spent. Make sure to buy the same make and model, or it won't work!
  4. Akifuddin

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    Why not get a 7900GT instead of SLi?
  5. spartanslayer

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    Why get a 7900? It's a waste of money. It costs around the same as another 7800GTX, and certainly won't provide as much performance as 2x 7800GTX's will. I'm not normally a fan of SLI, and would recomend the 7900GT above the 7800GTX everyday, but if he already has one, might as well get another.
  6. Akifuddin

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    Hmm, agreed. And MrChu, sell that 4000+ and get a dual-core processor because Oblivion uses both cores to make the game faster for dual-core users. Get a 3800+ X2 for starters or if you have more cash to blow, a 4200+, a 4400+, a 4600+, a 4800+ or if you're a retard, an FX-60, or if you're the overclock-type, get an Opteron 165,170,175,180 or 185 (Dual-core) , a good cooling system (I heard liquid is good) a good power supply, and overclock like hell. If he gets a dual-core processor (Even a 3800+ X2) he would be able to play Oblivion at highest settings, I mean look he has a 7800GTX and 2GB of Corsair XMS Memory dude. That owns :unch: The 3800+ X2 is just there to make it a bit faster. :eek:
  7. CrossFire851

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    Get a cheapy amd athlon 3800 x2 1 ghz fsb 2.01ghz stock and you can overclock that bad boy to at least 2.4ghz it will be a monster unleashed.
  8. Akifuddin

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    Ok, but thread-starter, whenever you got the money and feel the need for more performance, just change the CPU to a dual-core.
  9. CrossFire851

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  10. CrossFire851

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    Don't compare clock frequency (ghz) of amds to intels theres nothing there...

    Get the amd athlon 3800 x2 64
    1ghz fsb
    2.01ghz stock
    and have fun playin'

    :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

    Best of Luck...
  11. mrchu

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    Wow i definately a> didnt think think dual core would actually have such an impact b> expect people to feel so strongly on opting for dual core....I'll definately have to look into going dual core then!

    however: would going dual core or gettin a second 7800gtx be wisest?
  12. CrossFire851

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    It's ethier peformance or quality

    If you want peformance then you want the 3800 X2 64 1GHZ FSB MANCHIESTER 2.01GHZ CLOCK

    Or if you want quality then you want 7800gtx

    core (vpu) 450mhz-500mhz

    and the mem is 1.2ghz 256MB-512MB GDDR3

    But make sure you get the same card make and model so if it's eVGA then get the same model of the eVGA

    Also note: if you have 1 512mb Card and another but in 256mb

    256mb will only be utlised on the 512MB and the other 256mb will just sit there.

    Best of Luck...
  13. Akifuddin

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    Do as I say: Sell your 4000+ and buy a 4200+ X2. Sell your 7800GTX and buy an X1900XT 512MB. Trust me you'll be flying with that motorcycle FLYING! :unch: Owned~
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