Upgrade to Vista HPT3XX Drivers

By gavinseabrook
Mar 30, 2007
  1. Well, got Vista Ultimate...guess I will make the big plunge. Before I performed the upgrade, I ran the advisory wiz. Low and behold, my Highpoint Technology (HPT370/372) Raid Controller has no driver support for vista. And apparently the company does not make individual drivers for the HPT3xx series anymore (mine is built onto the MOBO). Well I read somewhere that I could get the RocketRaid drivers and use those but im kinda weary. The only reason I dont just move my HD's to the regular IDE controller, is the fact that I have 3 hard drives, and 2 bay drives. I COULD take out my CD r/w, and just rely on my dvd burner to burn cd's....but....I like my cd burner lol. Anyone got any advice or tips?
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Just recieved Email from High Point.


    We no longer develop for the individual HPT3x controllers.
    You can try using the RR100 drivers (this card uses a similar controller), but we cannot guarantee it will work with your hardware.


    HighPoint Technologies, Inc.

    AFTER SAID **** it,

    I tried to update anyway. No problem what so ever with the raid, but I got an error from an ATI file. Guess next time I try upgrade, I will remove ATI software first. If that does not work, I will try a "Clean" install.

    im kinda worried :p. But I dont wanna go and spend 20 bucks. Im cheap lol.
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