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May 11, 2007
  1. We've been thinking about getting Vista for our pc as our "Upgrade Windows XP Home" version I think is buggy and for the 49th time since owning it, has just had to be reinstalled and the drive reformatted. To be fair, a few of those were from viruses and this reformat I believe is from the drive starting to go (heard some clicking before and windows immediately froze after sound, also had disk boot failure that magically went away after 3 reboots). So we are getting a new Western digital 320GB SATA3.0GB hard drive and on it will probably be Vista as I still think our XP version is buggy.

    My question is, I just read about that work around for the Upgrade version of Vista and want to know if anyone has actually tried it and gotten it to work? If it does, is it for both the Home Premium and Ultimate? Also, I noticed that the article was in January, so does that still hold true with the newest production of Vista and a few months from now(Might get it next month or so, just wondering for the forseeable future) or has Microsoft addressed that and stoppped it from working? Thanks.
  2. raybay

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    There are rarely any bugs with WXP home or office... but upgrade versions sometimes carry bad stuff across.
    You are almost guaranteed serious ongoing troubles with a machine on which Windows XP didn't work.
    Instead, or at least first, I would order the disc for Windows XP Service Pack 2 from Microsoft. It is $3.95 for shipping and handling.
    This disc essentially installs a cleaned up version that rids the machine of the problems created with the Windows XP upgrade version.
    Alternately, you should considering buying a fully copy of Windows XP Home or preferably Windows XP Professional. It is very likely to serve you much better with significant reductions in stress than Windows VISTA.
    If you do get VISTA, get at least Windows VISTA Home Premium or ideally Windows VISTA Ultimate.
  3. madcatmk2123

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    We've been using the Service pack 2 with the XP home. Whenever I reinstalled it, Id next do service pack 2 and then install all our applications again. It works good for a while, but then things start getting corrupted and windows starts acting up like not loading up the desktop without pressing Ctrl-alt-delete first even though the welcome screen is set, loads up slow, switchs between welcome screen and login box on a whim and BSOD occassionaly on tasks that I have run before. I dont think its all viruses and spyware as we constantly check and update. Use 3 different spywares and defrag once a month. I do more preventative and maintance work then most other people I know and they are still running their original install. Two people I know dont even have anti-virus software and download files way more then me without any problems.

    We thought about buying XP Pro, but since Vista is out my dad figured we just get that since we've been having so much trouble with Home and its the new OS, so why pay for the older one. Thats why I was just wondering about the Upgrade trick as if it does work, then we might as well get that rather then retail. Ive also been looking up about the drivers and so far they have released some for the hardware I have, so we can get around that issue that I've read about here and other places.
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    It sounds as if you have some kind of a complex corruption. I assume you have run anti-virus, anti-spyware, and rootkit software, but if not, that is imperative. I recommend you start with the free versions of AVG found with a google search for AVG Free. But also include spybot 1.4, AdawareSE 1.6, and others... If you have a budget, look at Spyware Doctor, Trend micro, StopZilla, or Spysweeper.

    Your problem likely is right there in front of you. I just do not believe your computer will get better with Windows VISTA than it is with Windows XP until you resolve the reasons why your current install isn't working. You may have driver problems that cause the blue screen of death, or a defective memory module (run www.memtest.org)... or a defective hard drive.

    If you must go with Windows VISTA, look at the most common recommendations for graphics cards and memory. You usually need more than Microsoft says.
  5. madcatmk2123

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    That was my thinking as well. Thats why I suggested to my dad that we wait on vista and try XP on the new HD, as every problem we have been through (power pack failure surge, faulty CPU, faulty MB, new computer setup, 48 reinstall and reformats) have happened on our 200GB Maxtor hard drive. Only thing on the computer that has been consistently there. Since we are getting a new one on account of the clicking noise, figured that would be a good time to see how well XP runs. Just that if they get rid of the Vista upgrade work around, Id rather get one that it does work on now and install later rather then have to pay the high full retail price when we decide to buy it.

    As far as my computer performance goes, Ive got a 3GHZ Prescott, 1GB Kengiston Hyper-X ram, 256MB BFG Geforce 6800GT AGP card. The ram is lacking a bit compared to what Vista needs, but it should pretty good if we find we need Vista now.
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