Upgrade Your DVD Writer to Double Layer?

By Julio Franco ยท 10 replies
May 18, 2004
  1. From Slashdot news: Even if NEC tells you its impossible, German netzine Golem is reporting hackers have created an updated, unofficial version of the firmware providing DVD+DL (Double Layer) capabilities. Currently model 2100A and 2500A are patchable, more will hopefully follow soon.

    If you happen to have any of these drives perhaps will want to void your warranty and give us a hint whether the firmware really works? ;).
  2. The 2500A was the DVD burner I was gonna get in the near future but I am not gonna mod it if I do get it. Thats too hardcore for me.
  3. werty316

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    Oops forgot to login. I didn't know you can post without logon.:confused:
  4. Julio Franco

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    Recently changed that setting back so unregistered can post again in news posts, haven't announced that officially but looking at the possibility that more people would be attracted to join us if they don't have to register from scratch.
  5. Very good idea i must say!

    Btw Hi to u guys.

    Ive been visitin this site since many years ago. it goes back to 3dspotlight.com. "if im not wrong"
    But im not good with forum ,,dont know what to post or to say.
    and I dont wanna register now, cuz everyone else think im newbie here but im not,,,Im one of those first visitor,,that i can promise. :)

    Back to topic, i do have Nec 2500A. still sitting and wondering if i should do use that hack or not..

    Thanks guys for the great site by the way
    my best regards
    OldTimer from Sweden!
  6. Rick

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    Oooh... I have a 2500a. Nice.
  7. Rick

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    Here's the website of the people who have created the hack:

    As it turns out, they also have a 2500a firmware flasher for download on their website. Although I'm unsure which is newer, the 2500a flasher available on their site is a different file size than the one available for download in the news post.

    I will try flashing my drive later, but I do not have any dual layers discs to test it out with.. So I may wait to see if I can find a dual layer disc for testing first.
  8. Krugger

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    wow... sounds promising. keep us posted!
  9. Nic

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    I have heard that Pioneer DVR106/107 drives are also ungradable to double-layer, though no patches currently exist for these drives :=).
  10. Godataloss

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    I have that Pioneer drive- I dont see any point in going dual layer until the blanks become cheaper than 2 single layers which will take at least 6 months after the drives come out. Why risk the hardware until the economies of scale warrant it? Full dvd rips on one disc would be nice though.
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    Welcome Unregistered Guest!!

    I myself (Probably not proper english :>}) have been posting messages since the time when AOL was a local BBS. It's possible that I am registered here under a different name from a different time. I don't consider Newcomer in Training as a stigma and have never been made unwelcome under that pseudonym. The moderators are obliged to quell any flogging of newcomers.

    So on behalf of Techspot, I welcome you and any comments you choose to air. Choose a name and join. If you forget in the future you can always choose another :>).

    Now for my question, does anyone know if a Plextor will have this ability?
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