Upgraded to XP - Second OS?

By thewolfe
May 24, 2002
  1. Upgraded to XP - Second OS?

    I have a friend who upgraded from 98 to XP. He installed on top of 98. Now that he only has XP can he install 98 as a second operating system?

    He would like to use some software that will not run on XP.
  2. vegasgmc

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    He cant install 98 with XP home edition becaue neither one of those have a boot manager. He would need a program like Partition Magic or Partition Commander to make it work . If he has XP Pro it does have a boot manager but installing 98 after XP might rewrite the master boot record and he couldnt boot into XP.
  3. uncleel

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  4. thewolfe

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    Are you saying that if you have Win 98 instaled first and then install XP home edition, it will not dual boot because XP home does not have that option, only XP Pro?
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