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Nov 16, 2006
  1. i have a Optiplex gx260 and i was wondering which kind of card i would buy
  2. nickslick74

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    We need some more info. Like what kind of 'card' you are thinking of. Video, sound or other? What use do you have for it (gaming, vid editing etc..)? What is your budget and what country do you live in? Available slots aon your computer and your computers specs would be helpful too.
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  4. cfitzarl

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    I would suggest (If you live in the U.S.) that you buy from www.newegg.com. Bestbuy is an utter ripoff. You can find those same cards $30-$40 cheaper there, and take my word for it, they are an excellent company!
  5. nickslick74

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    Either of those will work, but the performance won't the greatest. But, depending on which model optiplex you have (small form factor, desktop, or mini tower) your power supply won't be up to the task of powering anything moe than the cards you looked at. They are also way overpriced! You can get them much cheaper at newegg.com. You might be able to get away with a Radeon 9600 (not the XT) without having to try and upgrade your psu.
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    As with the previous reply, you are MUCH better off ordering a card from NewEgg. For the same price, you can get a 2-4x faster AGP 3d card that way and have it within a day or two given NewEgg's super fast shipping and great customer service should you have any problems.

    That being said, your system has a barely adequate power supply, with the spec sheet showing your model having between a 160W and 250W power supply. If you add a beefy 3d card, you'll likely have problems with the power draw as the included PSU is just barely enough for the system as-is.

    I'd recommend these two cards if you are on a budget:
    9600 Pro:

    9800 Pro:
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    i have the desktop version, does that change anyhting?
    if anyone has msn please add me fldudekid@yahoo.com
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    Ooof, you have a very weak power supply if you have the desktop model. I think any kind of videocard upgrade might be pushing your limited power supply!

    PCC&C makes a replacement 410Watt power supply for your Dell, but it's a bit pricey- $119

    I have no idea if your power supply is proprietary or if you can use a standard ATX PSU. You may wish to try contacting Dell to see if they will verify a standard ATX or MicroATX style-desktop PSU. If so, you can get a much more powerful Power Supply that will fit the bill for a lot less.
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