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Upgradeing Question

By jarvis
Sep 19, 2005
  1. I haven't upgraded in a while because I'm a poor college student. Recently I came across some extra cash and I don't know what to get. I was hoping all of you wonderful people could give me your opinions.

    Current system:
    AMD Athlon XP 3000+
    Nividia FX 5700 ultra OC
    1GB PC 3200
    40 gig HD (eww)

    I'm an avid gamer, so I'm going to most likely get a new video card. I want to spend under $175.00 so my choices are limited to maybe the 6600GT or the 6800... Also I was once told that 256mb cards are not really necessary and 128mb cards will get the job done just fine. That was in the past however, and I'm thinking that games in the future will need 256mb cards. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. jarvis

    jarvis TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    I've been doing a little research on my own and I've noticed that either the 6600GT or the 6800LE are my choices. The 6600GT runs at a higher Core: 500Mhz and Memory: 900Mhz, but its memory interface is only 128bit. The 6800LE runs at a slower Core: 300Mhz and Memory 700Mhz, but its Memory interface is 256bit. Both cards are rocking 128mb of Memory...hrmmrmmr I don't know which one to buy. Also both have 8 Pixel/Pipelines but with Rivatuner I know i can open it up to 16 Pipelines with the 6800LE, but I'm unsure if this is possible for the 6600GT.
  3. jarvis

    jarvis TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 83

    No wait, screw the 6800LE, actually nevermind guys I've made up my gonna go with the straight 6800 card. Out performs the 6600gt and only costs about $20-$30 more. I guess I didn't even need to post.. :giddy:
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