Upgrading Memory "Backwards Compatibility"

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May 3, 2005
  1. I was thinking about upgrading from my 512 ddr pc2100 64M X 64 to 4 times 512 pc3200 64M X 64. My mobo says it supports pc2100 64M X 64 and I here most of them are backwards compatible and should work right? I would take the pc 2100 out and put in the 4 slots of 512 pc 3200 to make 2 gig as my mobo supports up to 4 slots/4gigs. Is there a point where more memory doesn't really make a difference when it's already fast as heck? I guess that depends, but for like regular windows applications or the today's new games? -Thanx
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Need more info

    What kind of MoBo?
    Version of bios?
    etc. :hotbounce
  3. Chesta1485

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    My mobo is a Abit KR7A-133, Chipset =VT8366A
    Bios is CX version (latest 2002) ,ver=(VT8366A-8233-6A6LVAIAC-CX)

    other info: winxp, 60gb, amd xp2000+, what not.. -thx
  4. SOcRatEs

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    Ram compat

    Yes You can do this..just follow instructs in your manual...
    tho I think your maxed out for MoBo performance with what you have.
    Rather than buying higher end ram that your current MoBo cannot use full potential, consider new egg for newer Mobo or Cpu..$$$ well spent.
    other Techy's in this will forum will also advise you with more in depth info...
    G'luck!!! :giddy:
  5. Chesta1485

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    Decisions..Decisions..Decisions.. :)

    Well i don't know if i want a new mobo, but i'm not sure if I can get a deal on this @ ebay, say around 100$ for the 4X 512..would it be worth it just to upgrade or get a new mobo with memory that i already have that would be supported by the new mobo? So i would just need a new mobo that would support my 1 gig chip that is 64M X 4 pc2100 (which reads as 512 sence my mobo only supports memory that is xM by 64, like 64M X 64) and this one 512 pc2100 chip i just bought to make 1.5gig which would be fine. It depends on the auction somewhat though too. Or maybe the 1 gig that operates at 512 plus the new 512 to make 1 gig would be ok too though, so i wouldn't really need to get a new mobo, but for future preferences would it be worth it to get a new mobo? Also what did you mean by my mobo not being able to use the new possible ddr ram's potential? -Thx for anyone's input
  6. Chesta1485

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    Also on top of all that, would a gig of ddr 2100 64M X 4 operate correctly with a 512 ddr 2100 @ 64M X 64?? -thx
  7. SOcRatEs

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    if your board has four(4) dimm slots...
    If they are two(2)color ie; 2 black & 2 Blue..
    as long as you put 1 dimm in blue & 1 dimm in black it may work.
    this usually mean dual channel.
    I'm doing it myself.... 2 512 ddr 2700, mine are two diff brands too.
    make sure you dont have two sdram slots & two ddr slots..
    this is alittle out of my understanding, you may need advice from others...
    G'luck :cool:
  8. Chesta1485

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    They are all the same type of ddr or else I wouldn't suggest all that if my mobo has two different types of memory capacity, Although i've seen some like that,..mine is all the same 4 slots. Would anyone care to give me some advice on my memory questions? -Thx
  9. Chesta1485

    Chesta1485 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Is it possible for 64M X 64 to work with 64M X 4 memory? Is it the memory that is backwards compatible or the motherboard? How much memory is too much? edit: ok nm all this i guess it's one of those 'unanswered questions that has to be found out by yourself' we'll c what happens...
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