upgrading my comp

By mrmark
Mar 27, 2007
  1. im overhauling my comp and was wondering if these items would work together. wanted to get a new large HD and brand spankin new vid card. decided on a 500gb Seagate Barracuda HD and PNY GE Force 8800GTS. Now, with these new toys knew I would need a new PSU as well. Will these items all be able to work together or am I wasting my time/money?


    I currently have an ATX 300 watt PSU, so needed the new PSU for my new toys.

  2. sghiznaneck

    sghiznaneck TS Maniac Posts: 394

    Personally seems fine, but an SATA hdd is much faster. You also better get an additional case fan or a pci fan that cools the gpu because the 8800 series runs extremely hot.
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