Upgrading my processor

By Drtehrmo
Jul 12, 2005
  1. hey guys, whaddup

    Now im a pc hobbiest, everything i learned about computers i learned by my self.
    But thers something i dont know and i need to know ^_^

    I have a AMD Athlon Proc. Thunderbird, Socket A, CMOS of 18...and its 900mhz, multiplier at 9.0, and heres what the question has to do with ^_^, FSB of 100mhz, bus speed at 200mhz. Now i want to upgrade it to a AMD Duron 1.8 Applebred 266MHz FSB 64KB L2 Cache Socket A Processor - OEM, notice the FSB is 266mhz, so can you guys help me tell if i can upgrade it. Im worried it wont work cuz of my motherboard, which is a compaqs( yeah i know it sucks) but i cant tell if i can upgrade it or not.

    So to make it easier on you guys i got cpu-z and heres the info from cpu-z perpective. Its attached to the post,

    Thanks in Advance :knock:
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    If you are lucky you can get an earlier revision of applebred that is softlocked and a pinmod, if you were willing to do it, would let you reach 1.8ghz. Of the 6 applebred machines I've owned, though, only 2 out of the 6 cpus I had were able to be pin modded. Coincidentally, they were the only 1.8ghz ones I had. I prefer pinmod over altering the CPU because it is a non-permanent, non-damaging (if done properly) mod.
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