Upgrading power supply in emachines T6410

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Apr 6, 2006
  1. I just purchased an ati x1800 xl for this computer. I used to have an x800 xl in there and it worked fine with this stock powersupply http://affordablesurplus.com/detail.asp?product_id=PS-DELTA-DPS-300PB-1A
    and this:

    ATI RS480 Chipset
    2 x 512mb ram
    a64 3200+
    1 7200 rpm harddrive
    1 dvd writer

    Is anybody familiar with this machine, and if so can you recommend a powersupply to fit?

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    That PSU is an absolute piece of junk.
    You want a PSU with a 12V/30A rails. Go get a BRAND-name PSU like Fortron, Enermax or Antec in the range of about 350-400Watt. Check if your motherboard needs a 20- or 24-pin connector and buy accordingly. Prepare to be charged from $50.- upwards for a half-decent PSU.
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    I have been doing some research elsewhere and ive had many people tell me id be fine because my power supply is a delta - the worlds largest manufacturer, the X1800 XL is not very power hungry in comparison to the X1800 XT (which both share the same 450w recommendation from ATI) and that my system is far from fully loaded. I also heard of some accounts where people run 1800 XT's on more demanding systems than mine and get away with it on 350w (18A on the 12v rail). Check out this page for a showdown of the power consumptions of current cards: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/gpu-consumption2006.html
    in this article it shows that the X800XL i was running only consumes ~10 less watts than my X1800XL thats coming in the mail. (However, the 1800 XL requires connection to the power supply and the X800XL doesent - i dont know if this makes a difference or not??)

    Any last suggestions before I try it out on the 300w - 15A 12v rail power supply? What are some of the subtle symptoms I should look out for in case the psu is innadequate?

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    Coming from the world's largest manufacturer is not necessarily a recommendation!
    Dell is the world largest PC-maker, and most of the stuff they shift is crap!

    As to alarm-signals for an underpowered PSU:
    - unexplained BSOD's
    - Getting hot
    - Funny smells coming out of it
    - Smoke signals coming out it
    - Not powering up at all
    - Conking out after a while (usually while gaming/heavy load)

    By even trying out that crap PSU, you run the risk of damaging your mobo and/or CPU!
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