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Feb 8, 2008
  1. I apologize if i have posted this in the wrong section (correct me if i have) but I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my hp ZV6233nr notebook which originally has the AMD Athlon64 3200+ @ 2Ghz (single core), to a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Manchester 2.0GHz , they are the same socket type which is socket 939, would i run into any issues? thanks
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    It's a risky endeavor. If your current CPU is already in the 0.09 process, the dual core part which will most likely be in 0.09 as well (since 0.065 parts were on the AM2 socket) has a power envelope much bigger than that of your current part.

    You cannot be sure beforehand that your laptop's cooling capabilities will suffice & that is in a best case scenario where the laptop's motherboard does power on with the dual core part & actually recognizes both cores.

    If you can find a cheap socket 939 dual core part to try it out, go ahead. If you have to spend a fair bit of money for it, it's probably not worth the hassle.

    ps. it has to be a mobile CPU, the ones destined for desktops will not work.
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    ah, my bad...thanks for clearing this up before he followed my bad advice.
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    I thought the dual cores ran at lower power thus lower heat
    I know the Intel's do
    check your FSB make sure they are the same or that the MB can handle the new speed
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    When the AMD dual core parts first came out, what really impressed people is that you could upgrade your current single core 0,13 parts with 0,09 dual core parts that consumed less. But if you were already running a single core 0,09 that was no longer true & that might be khan4rtist's situation.

    Single core vs. dual core power consumption
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    AMD Mobile Athlon 64 4000 396878-001
    AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3800 396877-001
    AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3500 396876-001
    AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3200 396879-001
    Mobile AMD Sempron 3200 396881-001
    Mobile AMD Sempron 3000 396880-001
    Those are the CPUs that HP officially says will work. Try searching on eBay for the 3800+ or the 4000+ which will be a step up from the 3200+ you currently have. But it looks like you can't use a dual-core CPU at all. :(
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    i fully agree with didou u might experiance heat issues as the 4800 is alot more powerful then what u already have so it is a bit of a make or break situation.
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