Upgrading ram on Fujitsu Lifebook 1010

I would like to upgrade the Ram on my Fujitsu Lifebook that is 2 gig now.
I'd like to get 4 gigs, the max allowed if I look at specs.
The actual ram is Elpida 2Rx16 PC2-5300S-555
I know I have to go with a PC2 module, but should I have to find a 5300S or could it be a 6400, or another one ?
What is the important things to match ? What about the 555 number at the end of the spec ?
I saw 2gig PC2-5300s modules but 2Rx8 or 2Rx4. What is the difference and should it work nice ?
Thanks a lot.
Also, the screen on it is dead, I have to connect another screen. Can I get rid of the original screen without killing the computer ? I would use only the keyboard and the motherboard ?
Again Thanks a lot
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The 2Rx16 means the SO-DIMM, the board holding the RAM, consists of "two ranks of memory modules, each one with 16 banks of DRAM in them"; ideally you'd want to match this, as some systems can be a bit funny about mixing RAM configurations, but others might be fine with it.

It might be better to remove the original RAM and replace it with two of something like the following:

Theoretically, you can mix RAM clocks and timings (the 555 figures), as the system will always run them at the lowest rated speed, although again - it's best to use matched pairs.

As for the screen, depending on how it's connected to the mainboard in the laptop's body, it may be possible to just pull out all of the relevant connectors and remove the entire panel. However, some systems may expect to have a connection permanently there, to ensure signal termination, and pulling out the cables or cutting them could mess things up.