UPnP Port Open.

By olefarte
Aug 3, 2003
  1. I run the Sygate Port Scan every now and then, and it always shows all ports blocked and stealthed. To my suprise, today it shows the UPnP port open. I run Zone Alarm Pro, and I thought it would block it, or at least it has been. I know I can use the Windows XP Firewall to block UPnP, but to run both firewalls slows things down to much.

    I downloaded this little ap and it seems to block UPnP when I run the test. But, I know there must be another way to stop this, because it hasn't always been open when I scan it. Is there a setting in Windows or Zone Alarm to block it?
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  3. olefarte

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    Okay, that worked JSR. Thanks for the help.
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    you got it bro

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