*urgent Please Help!* My Hard Drive Is Missing!

By ravenjy
Sep 16, 2004
  1. ok, so i left my computer on for the night, and when i wake up my f and g drives are missing!! i have two hard drives on my system. the c drive is there but my second drive which has two partitions are completely missing! i am running windows xp with sp1. i went to the disk management and all i see is the c drive. i have never seen or heard of this before, anyone know whats going on??
  2. ravenjy

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    ok so i go to the bios to check it out and this is what it says
    primary drive0 : hard drive
    primary drive1 : unknown device (supposed to be my second drive)

    also i may have been infected with a virus b/c norton is giving me popups saying that i have been infected with W32.spybot.worm and was unable to repair the file in location c:/windows/system32/wljdlg.exe
  3. RealBlackStuff

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