Urgent pls help / pc restarted itself then dropped dead / :(

By Trance
Feb 10, 2006
  1. Hello there,

    I have this problem with my pc and im almost going mad...

    2 days ago i was minding my own bussiness when suddenly my pc restarted itself. It loaded up Windows and everything went fine till the end of my session. Yesterday, same thing happened out of nowhere as the day before, pc restarted itself but this time as soon as it loaded up windows it restarted itself again. Then after the 2nd restart it wouldn't load up anything, it just stayed like that with a black screen but everything was powered up (dvd, cd-rom, the fans etc). I had to manually shut it down using the on/off button. Then i let it cool for about 2 mins (i thought it might have been some overheating that had caused all that) and powered it up again. It worked with no problem untill the end of my session. And finally today the big hit. It did the same thing, restart and worked for about 2-3 hours when again it restarted itself but this time it went to that state i described above where i got a black screen, everything has power but nothing happens, it won't even go the first steps (detecting ram, processor, cd etc). And to this moment it still is like that. Oh now i cannot shut it down using the power button as i did yesterday, if i keep it pressed long enough, it just restarts the system and stops exactly as before (black screen - although i forgot to mention that monitor says "no input signal from input A" or smth like that - usually i know u get that if monitor was plugged in and turned on before the pc and the message dissapears as soon as the pc starts) so I have to switch it off using the power button located on the power supply. Also the restart button does not work when the pc is in that state.

    I saw that everything receives power (the led fans, dvd, cd-rom, processor cooler, even hdd i could feel some small movement, usb ports too, i connected my ipod to one of them and i saw it turns on when i do that but it does not recharge itself, so there is power on the usb ports too imo). I tried unplugging all cables as i said, no success. Oh and psu didnt seem to be too hot, neither anything else. No burn smell aswell.

    My system specs:
    p4, 3.4 ghz (socket 775)
    1gb ddram (2x512 Apacer/infineon PC 3200)
    HDD 200gb Maxtor
    motherboard: asus p5gd1
    psu: Aeropower II 450 W
    OS: Windows xp home SP2

    PC has 1 year and 4 months...

    Im using microsoft antispyware beta and avg as protection but (shame on me) the last scan was done quite a while ago (but i rarely found spyware and i cant recall the last time i had a virus). Altho avg was always active. Also i never did a defrag on my HDD or reinstalled windows since i bought the pc.

    Now im gonna go try and start it up again, maybe it works. And if it loads up Windows, what do u suggest i should do while im in?


    I have searched all over the net for something similar but i couldnt find smth exactly as my problem. PLEASE HELP ME, im desperate as untill monday i have to finish my 3d project to be graded :(((

    sry for the huge post, wanted to give u as much details as possible, thx in advance guys.
  2. s3xynanigoat

    s3xynanigoat TS Rookie Posts: 94

    My guess is it is a motherboard or a PSU problem.
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