Urgent to turn off WINDOWS AUTOUPDATE

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May 26, 2006
    Turn off your autoupdate feature until you have checked your OS ID. I own many copies of Microsoft XP Pro and after doing a reinstall a few months ago, Microsoft no longer recognized my software as valid. This did not bother me until doing a regular update as oftodays date stated above. If your OS is not matched to your MOTHERBOARD and OS ID, Todays update FROM MICROSOFT turns your OS into CRIPPLEWARE. You get nag screens and endless prompts to buy another version of XP. Microsoft help site doesn't allow you to tell them they are WRONG without PAYING A SERVICE CHARGE JUST TO SEND THEM A COMPLAINT.As many copies of their OS as I own and no longer use sitting in computers in my closet, I cannot stomach this. I will NOT pay them to tell them I am LEGITIMATE (I already paid...). Everyone needs to get serious with Microsoft on this. Interested as I am in LINUX, I don't want to switch when I am a LEGAL OWNER AND THEY WANT TO CHARGE ME TO TELL THEM SO. I have never hacked or stolen their software and I take great offense at them crippling my OS like this. Of course I have undone their screwup, but there may be millions of people who wont know how to do the same. Dont let Microsoft get away with this! Dont let Microsoft create a new wave of HACKERS with their outrageous HIJACKING OF YOUR SOFTWARE YOU PAID GOOD MONEY FOR (licensed only of course). I am legitimate and not afraid. I am ********@cs.com.
  2. URANium238

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    What is this all about? I just did a reinstall yesterday and everything's fine, sheesh...

    P.S. Yes, my Windows XP is legitimate
  3. jtr32533

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    Windows reinstall OK

    From reading in MaxPC a few months ago, I read that other people were having this problem when they bought certain brands of computers that came with XP installed.... if you later changed out the motherboard or certain other branded parts (the computer company I have in mind has 4 letters in its name..), then the factory installed XP OS would not run properly. I wish I had saved the particular issue. It was a write in to their help section. I cannot agree that modifying/upgrading your hardware should cripple your OS. Many years ago IBM lost a very important legal battle over similar issues. The original case was that if you wanted IBM hardware, you had to run IBM software (which was MSDOS, which became Microsoft). The only competing software I can remember from the time was CPM which most newer users probably have never heard of. Anyway, the Courts ruled against IBM requiring you to use their software and apps. I used to be an attorney but I dont recall the name of the case. I do however see similarities in this case that are too close for comfort for me. There may be legally nothing to be done, but Microsoft needs to be sure there are plenty of buyers for VISTA in January. Wonder if it has anything to do with the lukewarm reviews that beta testers have been giving VISTA so far...Almost forgot to respond to your exact reply... I did change my motherboard and hard drive two months ago... and everything went fine until that automatic update I have spoken of.
  4. Spike

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    It's because OEM XP is tied to the BIOS of that mainboard. Nothing new I'm afraid.
  5. jtr32533

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    Nothing New???

    Although I guess I am an old timer at computers... this problem is NEW TO ME! If that makes me new at something again, I am thrilled to be young again. Anyway, I just hope this is of use to someone like me... Not a programmer anymore nor a repairperson, but a long time computer junkie.
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