URGENT! Windows XP networking problem.

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Nov 17, 2006
  1. Hi all, got a problem on my networking. I got 2 PC using Windows XP Pro, how to i get them connected to a LAN. I have a Dlink router, but how do i make both PC sharing files and internet connection?
    My PC 1 is directly connected to Internet (Broadband), where PC 2 must go thru PC 1 only can have the Internet connection.
    My Question is :

    1) How to make these 2 PC connected to a LAN?
    2) How do my second PC (PC 2) share the PC 1 Internet connection?

    Highly appreciated any reply.

  2. Nodsu

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    If you have a router, then you do not have to use one of the PCs to share the connection - that's what the router is for.
  3. N3051M

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    as mentioned above, simply place that router between the modem and PC1 via the ethernet connection, connect your other PC to the router then just run windows networking wizard on both PC and click on the appropriate answers.
  4. fastco

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  5. smore9648

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    Use the default options when installing the router.

    Follow the instructions on the CD

    After installing the router and software

    then go to the control panel and click on the network wizard applet

    follow the instructions.(also i recommend using simple file sharing in the folder options, its the last option on the page)
  6. N3051M

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    Don't forget after everything is ok and working to change the security settings, especially if you use wifi...
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