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Oct 4, 2006
  1. Hi all
    Im using a BT voyager 205 router to connect 2 computers to the internet. One via ethernet and one via usb. The ethernet is fine but im having trouble with the USB. When i try to install the drivers for the USB i get a error message, something along the lines of, "cant get registry value: key=software\bt voyager205 adsl router\adsl value=drivertype" and the drivers dont install. any advise or solutions would be greatly appreciated
  2. jobeard

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    hum; the site says;

    I am having problems installing my Voyager 205 Via USB...

    1. The Voyager 205 is supplied as part of your service provider package and the Usb Drivers that come as part of that package have been designed by your provider as such we can't provide the technical support for the drivers what we suggest is to contact your Service Provider for assistance on installing the 205 usb connection.

    2. Normally the Voyager 205 is supplied by Bt Yahoo or Bt Broadband there contact numbers are 0845 600 7030 (Yahoo) or 08702 404 650 (Broadband).

    3. If you are not with any of the above Internet Providers then you will have to contact your Internet Provider that you got the Voyager 205 from.​
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    thanks for the reply.
    You were right about the router suppied as part of a package from my ISP :)
    Ok so i can take it up with them. The other solution is, (as i am using a 2 pc configuration and i think the drivers do work on one pc) so i could just switch them round but because of the other computers proximety to the router i would need a long USB cable. Can i get these?? i'm aware that there are plenty of long ethernet cables but i don't think ive seen a long usb cable? Id need about 10 metres.
  4. jobeard

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    OUCH! USB and Firewire cables are expensive already, and IF you can find one, it will cost you and arm and a leg :( Plan on getting the system withing the standard length (6ft) OR looking for some other technology.

    USB is a current technology, where as Ethernet is a voltage technique. Current based cables must be better quality.
  5. Rick

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    16ft is the maximum USB cable length (according to specifications).
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