USB data storage shrank capacity :S

By Jurgenz · 4 replies
Nov 10, 2005
  1. I just bought a 1.0 GB usb data storage and formatted it in FAT32 and suddendly it became 245MB... I've tried to put it back at 1GB but I've tried everything... Partigion MAgic only works with the hard disk, PArtition Manager shows my removable disk as 1246MB on the left but on the right the actual size of 245MB... I tried diskmgmt.msc but my crazy firewall doesn't allow it, even if i disable the firewall or follow the firewall steps I'm still not able to do it... please help me :confused: Thank you.
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    I read all that stuff which i found really interesting by the way... but they dont explain how to change the capacity, they just explain the troubles with it... i know it can be changed because I've read of people who have changed theirs to more capacity, wether it works right or not i dont know, i just want to change it back... would you help me please? Thank you.
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    I don't know how, never done it. On the other thread, RealBlackStuff suggested formatting using a Win 98SE, have you tried that?

    Why I pointed you to that thread was the fact that your drive might be one of the "fake" ones.

    Apparently there are people who either change chips or re mark the device and somehow hack in to the controller or something to report greater capacity then sell it.

    I like to know how they increase the capacity and by how much, I haven't read about these devices (I don't own one just used my friends a couple times when he was over with his laptop) and not sure about the technology behind them, I have a good idea but like to be sure so going to read up on that.

    May be the capacity of the chips are greater but due to data integrity and tests they have done, they mark them accordingly, then some people knew about this and decided to make some money.

    Where did you buy yours from?
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    i bought it in eBay ¬¬
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