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Sep 22, 2004
  1. I have a USB double ended cable . It is caled a detto intellicord. It has a warning about not connecting it until the software says to but although I have the software, the cd code is not posted on the cd but in a little manual that I can't find.

    Does anyone know if the software is actually a necessity. I have a notebook with a non working a drive and I would like to see if I can boot it using this cable.

    Or does anyone one know of generic or freeware download for such a cable. Both ends are the same. They plug into a usb port.
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    It is diffewrnt from an ordinary USB cable because an ordinary caple has one end that plugs into the computer port and another that plugs into the device and this one has two ends that plug into the computer port. It is similar to a networking cable.

    Iv'e been to the detto site and also emailed them but they were no help. They wanted the purchase information but I got the cable second hand and so I don't have that information. Usually the information is on the CD rather than some little pamphlet and the little pamphlet was not in the box.
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    The "intellicord" is a fancy name for a plain-vanilla USB A-A cable.
    Cheapo digital camera's such as Polaroid use it to transfer photos to PC.

    Your cable is used in conjunction with transferring software-settings between 2 PCs.

    You can use the cable for any USB-purpose you want.
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    THanks. THat is what I wanted to know.
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