USB driver issues with iriver clix and psp

By msw249
Aug 30, 2006
  1. My neighbor has a dell computer i believe it is a dimension 2400, he has windows xp sp2 installed and its a very nice computer. The problem he is having is with the drivers when installing devices such as iriver clix and a psp. The little screen pops up and says found new hardware, but when you try and install from the cd or even letting microsoft trying to find the driver it always fails. Therefore I can't sync anything up and use these devices at all. He has contacted dell and they flashed his bios and even updated his chipset and still can't get a driver installed. The funny thing is when he plugs his digital camera in and his old mp3 players like the creative zen, they work and installed fine. Before the iriver clix, he tried to install an ipod on his system and that couldn't find a driver either. I told him I posted on here a couple of times when I had some problems and they helped me out, so maybe someone out there can help him out. If this isn't enough information or if you need more to help him out, please post and I will get the information needed to fix this thing.

    Mike Wells
  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    just a stab in the dark here, but have you checked if "automatic install" is turned on or off? Try6 turning it off and then running the driver cd from my computer.


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