USB/Firewire nightmare

By btan01
May 1, 2007
  1. In the company I work for , we do backups three times a week. We are running on Windows 2003 server and the backups take about 3+ hours to do. So we were looking into purchasing a USB2 adapter or firewire adapter to speed up this process. Unfortunately none of these are compatible with win 2k3...

    So I tried a different technique and shared the folder where backups are and try to do the backup through my workstation since i have (USB 2 with XP OS on my desktop) but it seems to take just as long to do the back up. Using a VPN and grabbing the file and try to back it up (avg file size 2 GB total of 10 files) takes 30 mins each....

    Anyone can help me out here to fasten this process???

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