USB Flash Drive not saving correctly

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I am new to this "flash drive stuff", so bear with me. I just recently bought a PNY Attache 512mb Flash drive from Wal Mart. I used it one time, and everything worked out. I could save, rewrite, add new data, everything was fine. But then I went and plugged it into another computer to work on the same data that I had stored on my drive and it had problems saving. I keep getting an error that says it was unable to save, or save it in another location, and then all the data on it gets wiped. I unplugged the USB device, then plugged it back in, and the original data was there. It seems that I am unable to edit the current data on the drive, and I can't save any new data to it either. This really sucks because I need this to work for college so I can take my homework home and complete it there.

Please help me identify the problem and solution, if any.



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verify it is formated as FAT
ensure you use the task bar tool to STOP the device before you yank it out.
you might check the partition capacity for accuracy
CP->admin tools->Comp Mgmt->Disk Defrag
my 256mg flash shows up as 246mb formatted capacity,
your 512 should be similar

Formated as FAT, the Flash can be mount on multiple systems types,
Macintosh, Linux, Win/*
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