USB floppy drive unable to read floppyies...Asks to format, then can't

By p1ishr
Nov 15, 2005
  1. Hello all, I know this might not be a big thing to most, but hear's the problem...I've got an HP ZV5340US notebook (I know, just the letters HP have you cringing right about now) that has everything but a floopy drive. So I purchase a generic, no name USB floppy drive, boot-up the laptop, connect the cable, windows recognizes it and installs drivers for it and everythings ok...not. after slipping it a floppy and accessing the drive, I get a familiar message stating the floppy is not formatted...would you like to format now? At first, I say no, and then get a message stating the drive can not read the disc. Take the disc out and re-insert, get the same message, only this time clicking yes in answer to the format question...only to be greeted with a "can not format disc" message.

    My question is did I get a piece of junk or do I need to enable something within Windows XP Home Ed. or it's registry? The floppies I tried are read/written to without a problem on another laptop that has a built-in floppy drive. I've also tried both the drivers XP loaded when it recognized the new hardware AND the drivers that came via CD with the drive.
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