USB formatting

By librarymelb
Aug 25, 2005
  1. My Windows XP computer has asked me to format a USB flash drive which means i will loose everything on it. I thought USBs didn't need formatting because they are electronic devices rather than magnetic disks which need sectors etc plotted on them. Why does XP think a USB needs formatting? Perhaps the stick itself is faulty. :confused:
  2. JasonLee

    JasonLee TS Rookie

    I have the same problem

    I have the same problem see my post:

    Odd problem with USB Mass Storage devices - thumbdrives and others

    Perhaps some of the things I tried will actually work to solve your problem.
  3. dhar

    dhar TS Rookie

    1GB USB Pretec problem

    when I save around 300mb of data to my flash drive(Pretec iDisk Tiny 1GB)
    it says some I/O Error and a ballon apears from tray saying "windows-Delayed....and a file cannot be written...." Damn it....Im fedup now. Can Any one help me in this issue.
    Thanx in Adv
    Dhary :bounce:
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