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Oct 11, 2007
  1. Hi all - my system is dead. I found the troubleshooting guides here on this site, which are fantastic. Through that, I discovered that my psu is not dead (it was non-responsive until I jumped 13 and 14) - it is a mid-level 450W xclio. Hold on, let me rewind the's what happened. On Sunday I was psynching my palm pilot. I plugged a usb cable into the front port of my case (I had changed cases recently and never used that port), plugged it into the palm pilot, turned on the palm pilot and poof, the system died instantly. The board is a gigabyte GA-K8NS pro. I've stripped out the system entirely and tried firing it up by jumping the switch leads, with most everything else no avail. I can't get any fans running other than the psu. Is it safe to assume that my board is fried? I thought so. If so, what are the chances that the cpu and/or ram is fried as well? And furthermore, how about the case? I'm leary of using it again if there's an issue, or at least using the front usb ports. I'm completely without computer now other than my work machine...any thoughts or help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    I'm not convinced your PSU isn't dead. I've taken dead PSU's and powered them up by shorting that one wire to ground and they've came up and had correct voltages on the rails. Problem is they couldn't deliver any load anymore. This could be what is wrong with yours.

    I'd say chances of CPU and/or RAM being messed up are very low. Case won't be related to your problem unless you forgot to use those motherboard offsets before placing your motherboard in it.
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    That's interesting...even if the cooling fan is running there may not be enough juice to run the fans on the MB? Ugggh. I think it'd be easier to buy a new MB and PSU and just rebuild. I really appreciate your insight - thanks!
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    Processor and case fans don't usually start up until the system comes on (processor, pci/agp/pcie , usb, ps2, serial, parallel, hd, optical drives, ect come on line) so I don't think you can make any conclusions that the motherboard is dead just yet.

    I would replace the PSU first. Its a lot cheaper than a motherboard, and it takes 5 minutes to replace, a new motherboard/processor/RAM is going to be a lot more money and a lot more time and effort.

    My guess is the new PSU will fix it, worst case is it doesn't fix it and then you move on to something more expensive (test the PSU in another computer if possible first if you want). I'd take a look at that USB port and make sure that when you plug it in it isn't shorting one of the powered lines to something it shouldn't be. Unless something got jammed in there or you bent it somehow that shouldn't be a problem.
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    Didn't do it...

    Hi again - I replaced the psu and again, using the tutorials, hooked up the bare system with only the speaker and video connected, outside of the cpu/fan...nothing happened. I assume it's dead at this point and will be getting a new mb on Tuesday. I'll let you know how it turns out. If you have any suggestions, just like Ross Perot I'm all ears :)
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