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USB not detected on my computer

By ruusky · 12 replies
Feb 9, 2006
  1. Ok i need help all my usb will are not detected on my computer i even went to computer management and changed the drive letter of my usb but no luck any suggestions to make usb appear on my computer
  2. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    from you statement here its basically telling me that they are being detected just not detecting what is plugged into them.. if i am not correct on that then let me know.. some system specs would be nice... what os are you using?? if it is win xp then you don't have to worry about drivers.. but you might want to find the most updated mother board drivers and install those just to be sure there is not a controller issue.. also check your system bios and make sure that legacy usb is set correctly..
  3. ruusky

    ruusky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i am using windows xp service pack 2
    Pentium 4
  4. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    ok so have you done the rest of the things that i had listed from my last post?? if you have the mother board make and model that would be helpful as well..
  5. ruusky

    ruusky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    how can i find my motherboard details
  6. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    you can download cpu-z here http://www.majorgeeks.com/download425.html just copy and paste this to your url and get it from major geeks just chose the mirror location and you should have it in a couple of seconds depending on your connection speed.. that will tell you what model your system board is.. once you have that post all the info in there it gives you also the cpu info ok... make sure to also do what i had listed above so that we don't miss any steps ok... remember do all the steps that i have said in previous threads
  7. ruusky

    ruusky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    CPU-Z Report
    CPU-Z version 1.32.

    Number of CPUs 1
    Name Intel Pentium 4
    Code Name Northwood
    Specification Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz
    Family / Model / Stepping F 2 4
    Extended Family / Model 0 0
    Brand ID 9
    Package mPGA-478
    Core Stepping B0
    Technology 0.13 µ
    Supported Instructions Sets MMX, SSE, SSE2
    CPU Clock Speed 1993.5 MHz
    Clock multiplier x 20.0
    Front Side Bus Frequency 99.7 MHz
    Bus Speed 398.7 MHz
    L1 Data Cache 8 KBytes, 4-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size
    L1 Trace Cache 12 Kµops, 8-way set associative
    L2 Cache 512 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64 Bytes line size
    L2 Speed 1993.5 MHz (Full)
    L2 Location On Chip
    L2 Data Prefetch Logic yes
    L2 Bus Width 256 bits

    Mainboard and chipset
    Motherboard manufacturer Intel Corporation
    Motherboard model D845PT, AAA67834-304
    BIOS vendor Intel Corp.
    BIOS revision A02
    BIOS release date 12/12/2001
    Chipset Intel i845D rev. 04
    Southbridge Intel 82801BA (ICH2) rev. 05
    Sensor chip ITE 5900
    Graphic Interface AGP
    AGP Status enabled, rev. 2.0
    AGP Data Transfer Rate 4x
    AGP Max Rate 4x
    AGP Side Band Addressing supported, enabled

    DRAM Size 512 MBytes
    DRAM Frequency 132.9 MHz
    FSB:DRAM 3:4
    CAS# Latency 2.5 clocks
    RAS# to CAS# 3 clocks
    RAS# Precharge 3 clocks
    Cycle Time (TRAS) 6 clocks
    # of memory modules 2
    Module 0 Centon DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 256 MBytes
    Module 1 Samsung DDR-SDRAM PC2100 - 256 MBytes

    Windows version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    DirectX version 9.0c
  8. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    i have located the drivers that you need to reinstall and make sure that you do them in the right order too... first download the inf files for the chipset drivers then install all the rest after that ok... this is where you will go... http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scr...XP+Home+Edition&lang=eng&strOSs=45&submit=Go!

    just cut and paste this url... also you never answered my question about the usb.. if you go to your ( MY Computer ICON ) on your desktop and Right Click it then Left Click manage it will take you to a window that will have the option in there for the device manager is there and exclamation marks or question marks in there next to a device.. if there is that means you need the drivers installed... let me know
  9. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    did you happen to notice that your memory is not the same.. you have one that is pc2700 and one that is pc2100...i am not saying that it is bad just not good for dual channel or for keeping good clock speeds cause one is going to cause the other to be slower... just thought you should know that
  10. ruusky

    ruusky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nop no explamationo or question marks
  11. ruusky

    ruusky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i cant update my bios because it says teh program is unable to continue Internal system error there is a programming and internal problem
  12. Razzle51

    Razzle51 TS Rookie

    My ubs in not detected either , could this be the cause of my screensaver not showing up on the screen . Thanks
  13. walidn@gmail.co

    walidn@gmail.co TS Rookie

    USB Storage Issue in Windows XP
    In Windows operating system especially Windows XP, when plug in external USB or FireWire mass storage device, the drive is not been assigned a drive letter by the system, hence the USB drive or FireWire drive is not showing in Explorer and no AutoPlay or AutoRun window pops up, although the device has been detected, in Safely Remove Hardware (show device but with no drive letter) wizard. The cause is probably due to ’stupid’ behavior of XP where it won’t find an available letter from free letters pool when the USB or FireWire external drive which has previously mounted and assigned a drive letter is been inserted to computer USB or FireWire port again, but that previously allocated drive letter has been taken up and used by another storage devices.
    Assigning drive letter using “Change Drive Letter and Paths.” Option in Disk Management Console may not work in all cases.
    The workaround is to delete the registry key that represent the drive letter that has been previously assigned to the mounted USB or FireWire portable mobile flash or hard disk drive so that when the storage device is plugged in again, the whole drive letter assignment will be start from fresh, and clean.
    1. Login with Administrative privileges.
    2. Disconnect all USB or FireWire storage devices.
    3. Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following registry key:
    4. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices there will be registry keys with the name that resembles the format of \DosDevice\X: where X can be any alphabet letter which corresponding to your physical system drive letter.

    5. Delete the DosDevice\X: registry keys that represent any USB or FireWire storages devices connected on the system before.
    6. Now insert and plug in the USB or FireWire device into the port again. The drive letter for the USB and FireWire should now appear and you can use the drive normally again.
    Please Note:
     Please do a backup by exporting the registry key MountedDevices.
     The delete all possible USB drives, FireWire drives and external drives which have drive letter temporarily only when inserted in the system, and DO NOT delete any of the fixed hard disk drives or CD/DVD optical drives registry values.
     Exclude \DosDevice\A: which normally reserved for floppy disk drives.
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